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After the attack on Fico, the reaction of the security guards began to be addressed. The opinions of experts differ

Ever since Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was seriously wounded by a gunman waiting in a group of supporters in Handlová on Wednesday afternoon, the work of his bodyguards has been under scrutiny. The Slovak Police Inspectorate has already announced that it is investigating all connections.

The image shows the government limousine in which Prime Minister Robert Fico is in after the shooting at the government exit meeting in Handlova, Prievidza district, on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.


You can find coverage of the assassination of Robert Fico together HERE.

It was a few seconds that not only Slovak experts and journalists discussed for hours. Robert Fico he came to a group of onlookers on Wednesday afternoon in front of the cultural center in Handlová after the away meeting of the government to say hello to them. He took advantage of the opportunity a seventy-one-year-old man with a gun.

The doctors at the Banská Bystrica hospital were still fighting for Fitz’s life, and people were already discussing what his security was doing. “I wouldn’t blame the security service, the politician wants to be in contact with the crowd, he wants to shake people’s hands, and the question is how much time the security has to prepare for this in advance,” Pavel Černý, currently head of the SW&TT team, which focuses on tactical and shooting, told Deník courses.

More about the assassination of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico:

Medics carry the shot Prime Minister Robert Fico on a stretcher from a helicopter to a hospital in Banská Bystrica.

An attacker shot Robert Fico in Slovakia. The prime minister is awaiting further operations

“On the published records, we measured the time when the security intervened, and in the very first second, when the first shot was fired, a member of the security went after the shooter, who knocked his hand off and neutralized him in two or three seconds. The problem was that the Slovak prime minister came very close to the barricade that separated him from the people, so the security guards practically had no room to jump in front of him or prevent the attack from the front,” added Černý.

According to the expert, it is very difficult for the protector of such self-confident politicians as him Robert Fico, push away from people in advance, prevent him from accessing. “A politician is in a way an unguided missile, if he does not cooperate with security, the chance of maximum protection is very low. Also known bullet assassination on Václav Klaus was partly the result of his reluctance to respect security and his efforts to push them into the defensive,” Černý pointed out. He recalled the case from Chrastava in 2012. The then president of the republic was opening a bridge there. He reached him in the crowd a twenty-six-year-old man fired several shots from an airsoft model gun at close range.

Source: Youtube

According to Černý, there is a risk assassination reduce if the politician discusses his program with the security service in advance and tells it in advance in which places he wants to go close to people and greet them.

“In that case, the security service already has its specialists right in front of the crowd, who monitor the movement around them, watching who, for example, puts their hand in their pocket or puts it under their clothes, so that the moment they pull it out, someone from security is already there near him, so that he can intervene immediately – but we are talking about a prepared situation. And even there, the risk of an attack cannot be completely excluded, it is only a matter of a greater reduction of the probability that it will succeed,” explained Černý.

Who is the person who wanted to kill the Slovak prime minister:

Detention of the attacker who shot Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Who is the man who shot Fico: The amateur poet who was beaten in a supermarket

The Slovak Police Inspectorate announced on Thursday that it has begun to examine the procedure of the protective service, the website reported.

Former member of the Czech Rapid Deployment Unit Martin Svozil was in Czech Television’s Events and Commentaries more critical of the work of defenders. “It wasn’t just any trip, but a prepared event, an away meeting of the government. Someone should have checked the group in advance, asked what they had in their bag. And in any case, the defenders around the prime minister should have seen from two or three steps away that the attacker was not empty-handed and reacted. I performed protective tasks for many years. I always counted on the fact that I had to be between the possible danger and the protected person, not the politician or diplomat we were accompanying,” Svozil told Czech Television.

Slovak security analyst Radovan Bránik for Markíza TV pointed out two problems. “The possible perpetrator should have been identified in advance by the other police forces present. Even if the shooter had a concealed carry weapon, a trained eye should have noticed it. It is possible that the police underestimated the situation. The 71-year-old attacker is not the type of offender they are used to and trained for,” the analyst thought.

Read the report from Bratislava a few hours after the attack on Robert Fico:

Bratislava at night a few hours after the assassination of Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Fico fought for his life, Slovakia played hockey. People’s lack of interest sometimes shocked

According to him, the security guards should not have let the prime minister come first to the barrier, behind which a group of people were standing. “They were passive and didn’t do a last few second check of that group when it was still predictable if it was safe. Only then should the protected person come,” the analyst explained to Markíza.

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