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After Kauczinski’s dismissal: SVWW relies on self-healing in the relegation battle |

After the dismissal of Markus Kauczinski, SV Wehen Wiesbaden still have three games left to avoid relegation from the 2nd Bundesliga. The Hessians rely on fun, free minds and a legend.

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The complete SVWW PK before the home game against Kiel

Nils Döring at the SVWW press conference

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Things got really tight on the podium at the press conference at SV Wehen Wiesbaden on Friday. After the resignation of coach Markus Kauczinski, who was responsible for the sporting events and statements until last week, this time a trio took their place at the microphones. Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures – and the SVWW is currently fighting for sporting survival in the 2nd Bundesliga.

The three men who, two days before the extremely important home game against Holstein Kiel (Sunday, 1:30 p.m.), first gave a review of the events of the past week and then an outlook on the final spurt of the season, were managing director Nico Schäfer, Coach Nils Döring and the new assistant coach Alf Mintzel. The common tenor: We firmly believe in staying in the league.

SVWW relies on internal momentum

Now everything else in this situation would be, the SVWW is 16th in the table. Currently one point behind 1. FC Kaiserslautern and therefore the first non-relegation place, of course absolutely out of place. At their first appearance together, the SVWW triumvirate managed to credibly report a certain euphoria within the team. “Everyone has a high level of willingness and great energy,” enthused Döring, who was given the vote of confidence after a late-night consultation on Monday afternoon and was promoted from assistant to head coach.

Unlike the other teams in the bottom of the table, all of whom (FCK even twice) had separated from their trainers earlier, the SVWW held on to promotion hero Kauczinski for a long time and is now relying on an internal solution. “We didn’t want a big change, but rather an impulse. This is also how strength can grow,” said Schäfer, outlining the idea that should lead to a turnaround and a happy ending. The SVWW, which last won a game at the beginning of March and is last in the second half of the season, wants to heal itself from the inside out.

Mintzel’s magic is supposed to help

It is currently difficult to predict whether this will succeed. Since the team from the state capital only has three games left, including the two home games against the top teams Kiel and St. Pauli, the decision against an external coach is quite logical at first glance. The installation of club legend and good-mood minister Mintzel also makes perfect sense. The 42-year-old, who secured SVWW’s stay in the third division eight years ago with a goal in added time, can give the players useful tips thanks to his open nature and experience. His credo: stay relaxed.

“It’s not a matter of life and death, no one’s head is cut off here. The boys can all play really good football, that’s what I want to convey to them,” said Mintzel, summarizing his most important messages to the team. Turning your head off and trusting in your own strengths in the relegation battle is certainly easier said than done. However, the SVWW reflects on itself in the final spurt and exudes confidence.

SVWW also plays for Kauczinski

It is also important that Kauczinski’s dismissal, which could no longer be avoided, clearly did not cause any atmospheric damage. The 54-year-old, who took over the SVWW in November 2021 and led it to the second division, was allowed to say goodbye to the team on Monday. Then a new era began. “We want to stay in the class for Markus Kauczinski,” emphasized Schäfer. Now the good ideas and optimistic words “just” have to be followed by actions. Sunday is where it counts.

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