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After its premiere in LatAm and Spain, the Spanish miniseries See You in Another Life arrived in the US on Disney+

The Spanish miniseries See you in another lifewith six episodes, created by brothers Jorge and Alberto Sánchez-Cabezudo (Crematorium) and produced in collaboration with Kubik Films, also premiered in the US and the United Kingdom on Disney+/Hulu, after its launch in Latin America and Spain, where it can already be seen on Disney+/Star+

The series is an adaptation of the book by the writer and journalist Manuel Jabois, See you in this life or the nextwhich in turn is based on the interview that the author did with Gabriel Montoya Vidal, “Baby”, in 2014 about his connection with the largest jihadist attack committed on European soil on March 11, 2004, in which 192 died. people and nearly 2,000 were injured.

It stars Roberto Gutiérrez in the role of teenage “Baby”, who is making his acting debut; Quim Ávila, in the role of adult “Baby”; and Pol López as Emilio Trashorras. In 2004, Baby was a 16-year-old teenager who participated in the transport of the explosives that would be used in Madrid on March 11, and was the first convicted for the attacks. His testimony was key in the macro-trial that took place in 2007.

For Sofía Fábregas, VP Disney Original Production, “See you in another life It is an essential and necessary series for Disney+. It is directly related to one of the most painful episodes that we have experienced as a country and as a society, and it deeply affects our human conscience. How is it possible that a 16-year-old boy is the first convicted of the largest attack perpetrated on European soil? “This series raises this question and, paradoxically, finds light in the testimony of the victims, true moral beacons with their own voice in this story.”

In the words of the creators, it is “a character drama told in three different timelines, a criminal chronicle where the everyday is terrifying. It tells how the lives of some petty criminals end in a great tragedy that even today has left a great wound in our society.”

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