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French President Emmanuel Macron was traveling to the Pacific island of New Caledonia...

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Behind the scenes and the main scene of the hockey world championship through...
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Actor Leoš Noha: I stopped playing in the Champions League and fell to the district championship

Leos, when was the last time you got angry?
I forbade it, because I found out that it is better to have a good laugh. There is no other way in Poland. There is peace and quiet, I relax on the weekends. I have plans and I hope to be here for a few more years and continue to entertain and annoy people. I would like to grow old with dignity.

Are you doing well?
I stopped spoiling the Champions League and fell to the district championship. My heart is going at 40 percent, I’m going to finish it with it. I had to slow down, in everything. If I had met Leoš Noha when he was 20, I would have told him to take less drugs. (laughter)

Jiří Macháček in the series Explain yourself, comrades!

That will be explained, comrades! Jiří Macháček: I was more interested in music than mystery

You experienced the 1990s on the front line, often also in Ústí. What comes to mind?
Just drugs, mainly meth, and a young, long-haired boy. The time was more free then than it is today. A number of impeccable things were created that would not be possible today, let’s say Česká soda, for example. After all, at present it would be lawsuit after lawsuit. The communists stopped dictating, things relaxed. These were unique times.

Even before that, you were on a rampage with the underground band Invalidní dnýt, for example. Do you see people with whom you spent your youth?
Sometimes I see someone, but not much anymore. For example, recently we played with my current band (band Buzerant, editor’s note) in Teplice, so I remembered how we used to play there with the Invalid pension.

Actor Leoš Noha

He was born on May 4, 1968 in Ústí nad Labem. He trained as a mechanic of electronic equipment, in 1992 he started working at the Drama Studio in Ústí as a lighting engineer, where he also started with minor roles. Later he played for many years in Prague’s Theater Na zábradlí, his first role in front of the camera was in the film Masters (2004). Among other things, he also appeared in the films Posledni plavky, František je devkař or Protektor. People remember him most from the series Okresní přebor, Helena, Most! and Winemakers 2. He most recently appeared in the series It will be explained, comrades!

what time is it today
Strange. Other. There is no decency, honesty, people are more aggressive, you can see it everywhere, even among the youth. We also got into trouble, but there was never a group of people beating up one person and others watching. When something was agreed upon, it was valid. The world is sick.

Is there a cure?
I’m afraid that this is almost impossible to treat. We are ruled by people without character and everything depends on that. You see, I get mad at politics. Communists, Estebanists, but also the current government, it does not leave me calm.

Let’s get to work. Are you over the role of your life?
Hard to say, we’ll find out when I die. For now, they attribute to me Áda from the District Championship. I’m proud of that role, but I think I have better things to do. Anyway, if there’s anything bad for an actor, it’s being an unknown actor.

Another question is related to this. I dare not include you among the busiest actors, but there is enough work, right? At least it seems that way.
Fortunately, I’m really at the stage where I’m picking and turning down roles, so I can’t complain. After a long time, I started doing theater again, two shows at once. But it is true that I can only do what my health allows, I must not overdo it.

Shadows in the Mist, II.  series, 5th part.  In the picture, the Martinov industrial complex

Shadows in the fog is waiting for a twist in the case of young Černý. Where they filmed the murder of a police officer

What else do you decide on?
A lot depends on how much money I have in my account at the moment, I’ve certainly done a few series for money. And not everything I played in my life was of good quality. It is quite important who you work with on a series or film. Sometimes inferior things are done well, sometimes it’s the other way around. As my colleague Olda Navrátil used to say in an unnamed series: “Money spent, shame continues.” It happens.

Are you critical of yourself?
I am, but only now. I used to think I was the best. When I think about it, it’s hard to say if I would have given myself a job in the past. With older age comes humility. I already have it.

You mentioned Czech soda. You have a band with Petr Čtvrtníček, you played together in the movie Last Swimsuit. Is Petr Čtvrtníček your friend for life and death?
Petr and I like each other very much, but I just don’t feel that way about him. You really only have friends for life and death, maybe two or three in a lifetime. Fortunately, I have them.

Per Čtvrtníček is a man of many activities.  He boasted that he plays with the Kurim prison band.

Petr Čtvrtníček: I feel like home in prison. I play the drums in the Kurim Criminal Court

Let’s go back to our native Ústí. How often do you go downtown?
In my youth, I lived in Skrivánka, I actually still have an apartment there. But I don’t go to Ústí much, almost not at all actually. However, I am following the situation in the Drama Studio, for example, it looks good, interesting, it has always been a progressive alternative theater, which I think is fine. The pressures to close the theater have finally passed. For me, it is a theater of the heart.

The World Hockey Championship starts on Friday. Do you find time to watch?
For sure, I keep my fingers crossed for the boy in football. I’m a fan of North Bohemian teams, but I don’t really have a favorite club. But now I’m looking forward to hockey, in addition, many of my friends will be playing, for example Radek Gudas, Péťa Mrázek, Honza Rutta and Míša Kempného.

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