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Abroad, it is no longer the case that we are a nation of cutthroats. Czechs are welcome guests in hotels

In the mid-nineties, Lenka Pátek co-founded the travel agency Blue Style, which today is one of the largest in our country. That is also why she is called the most influential woman in the Czech travel business. How does he choose the hotels to which he sends Czech tourists? What kind of travelers are we and how do foreign hoteliers see us? And which destinations are the most popular with us, and which places and types of vacation are we still discovering? This and a number of other interesting facts were revealed by Lenka Pátek in the next episode of the Biznys kafe program.

The guest of the Byznys kafe video podcast was the business director of the Blue Style travel agency Lenka Pátek

| Video: Diary/Jakub Vítek

“We founded Blue Style in 1997, which was a completely different time than today. First we bought flights to Greece because it was the best seller at the time and we went to the Greek islands to prepare our offer. Then we had to print a catalog and a price list, and with that we went around the Škoda Favorit tour seller throughout the country. In the beginning, we operated with a fax and our reservation system was lined paper and pencil,” returns k entrepreneurial beginnings business director of the travel agency Blue Style.

Thanks to the Internet, everything has shifted over time, and booking tours is now mainly online. People can thus compare offers, read hotel reviews and the experiences of other travelers. “We are very happy that it is the way it is today,” notes Lenka Pátek, who still loves her job, although according to her it is not the way some people see it, that she just enjoys it the beauty of traveling around the world.

The guest of the Byznys kafe video podcast was the director of FlixBus for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, Pavel Prouza

FlixBus is planning new routes to smaller cities. The popularity of connections to the Baltic is also growing

“I often fly somewhere for several hours, then I spend time alone in that place, during the day I have to visit ten or fifteen hotels, so-called from the basement to the attic, during the day, even in the heat, to see how it works there and what the food is like there. Then I decide whether to include the hotel in our offer or not,” explains Lenka Pátek, adding that Blue Style currently offers tours to approximately twelve hundred hotels worldwide and last year handled nearly 450,000 clients.

“Czechs are travelers and vacation is one of the necessities of their lives. People have realized that they need to rest, and even if they have to save money, they will shorten the length of their stay, but they will treat themselves to a vacation in order to have experiences and be able to live from them all year round. And even from the point of view of hoteliers, we are good and welcome guests. Fortunately, we are no longer abroad a nation of cutthroats, today hoteliers rate us as calm, have well-behaved children, don’t waste food and don’t destroy hotel furniture and rooms. That’s why we are among the preferred clientele, and I’m very happy about that,” says Blue Style’s sales director.

Preferences don’t change

According to her other words, the preferences of clients when choosing a holiday have remained the same for several years – we mostly buy trips to Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. This is because there is a wide range of accommodation facilities and very good quality services at a reasonable price. More and more often, people also go for shorter stays of a few days to explore and relax, not only to European cities, but also to the sea.

“You can fly to Crete, for example, from Wednesday to Sunday and have a very nice long weekend relaxing on the beach. Of course, the biggest demand for these weekends is when there are national holidays in our country. And there are also more and more businessmen who cannot afford to go on vacation for a whole week, so they choose these short stays. More and more people have to work while on vacation, so they go somewhere with their family, but they only have half a day home office abroad,” explains the experienced co-owner of a travel agency about current trends.

The guest of the Byznys kafe video podcast was Bagind co-owner Lukáš Matějček

An entrepreneur has goatskin backpacks made in India. He would also like to make backpacks in the Czech Republic

In the future, according to her, even more exotic travel will be done on medium distances between seven and ten hours of flight time. Such tours are often chosen by people who already have grown children and want to go somewhere further just as a couple, but do not want to deal with layovers, language barriers and other possible complications, so the travel agency is a guarantee for them that everything will be solved and that they will be taken care of.

Where was Lenka Pátek and her children on holiday recently and how did she like it there? How difficult is it to negotiate prices and conditions with hotels so that the offer is favorable for Czech customers? And how traveling and buying tours have changed in covid period? The sales director of the travel agency Blue Style v of the Biznys kafe program.

Watch the full video interview hosted by him Jan Klička, editor-in-chief of the central editorial office of Deník.

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