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A touch from Vidal is enough for Colo Colo to defeat the UC

The version 185 of the classic between Universidad Católica and Colo Colo It was for the visit. On the very bad Santa Laura field, the albos celebrated their 99 years with a 1-0 victory. It was the ideal duel to re-enter the fight for the top positions, against a traditional rival. Nothing too flashy, but it’s just as important.

With casualties on both sides, particularly in defense, it was an interesting task to discover the puzzle of Tiago Nunes and Jorge Almiron (the latter was suspended, which is why the assistant Pablo Manusovich directed). UC had it more difficult because they were missing three starting pieces in the defense: Soto, Ampuero and Mena. Given this, the Brazilian coach had to “patch” the defense with Astudillo and González. In the case of the Cacique, without Cortés or Opazo, De Paul and Bruno Gutiérrez entered. But there was another variant that gave nuances to the albos’ game: a fourth midfielder (Vicente Pizarro).

Católica, whose last home win against Colo Colo had been in 2018, had a promising start, creating a couple of chances before 10 minutes: a header from González (4′) and a deflected shot from Tapia (8′). The structure was just as they had been playing previously, a compact 4-4-2 with the Tapia – Zampedri duo. In addition, Gillier went long, directly towards the opposing field. The reading of the Colocolino coaching staff was to group more people in the middle, sacrificing a striker. Paiva was the most advanced, with Bolados as a companion and Vidal floating, in an intermediate task.

Colo Colo took control of the match properly after fifteen minutes. He positioned himself better on the field and with possession of the ball. With a fan and taking advantage of the crossed defensive disorder, he opened the scoring. In the 23′, a header from Arturo vidal He put the visitors ahead, connecting with a cross from Bolados. The albos rushed one side, seeing the gaps that UC had in the rear, achieving the 1-0.

The middle area of ​​the field was black and white. This not only caused the balance to tip in their favor, but also prevented Aravena and Pinares from entering into action, two relevant weapons in the rival offensive. The ball didn’t last long for La Católica. The little influence of his attackers was business for the Chief. Not even the premature departure of Falcón, with physical discomfort, altered Almirón’s plan.

The UC that finished the game was completely different from the one that started. The desire to change the result caused the changes generated by Nunes to dismantle the original design. He ended up with many forwards and one-on-one at the back, something that coaches generally resort to when they are losing and which is not a necessary recipe for success. In the long run, Fernando De Paul was not challenged until the final minutes.

The popular team did not suffer too much, despite the fact that their advantage was only one goal. They even gave themselves the space to take care of elements thinking about the Copa Libertadores. Before game time, Arturo Vidal came out, one of the names that left the day in Independencia.

Towards the final stretch, Catholic was taking more prominence, thanks to a mixture of desperation and exhaustion of the rival, who was locking himself in his fiefdom. The point is that this was not replicated with real scoring opportunities. The shots that followed were not effective. All this within the framework of a second period that was not brilliant (by the way, the court and lighting did not help the show).

The white team, which suffered in the epilogue, is left with a victory that serves to remedy the recent poor performances and to gain confidence ahead of Tuesday’s cup challenge. In addition, they stretch their undefeated record against the Crusaders, because they have not fallen since 2020 (with Holan on the student bench). Tiago Nunes’ streak, which lasted three games, is over. The feeling left by the classic 185 is that Colo Colo won with just enough, thanks to its individualities, while the lack of variants weighed on the Católica.

Catholic University: T. Gillier; A. Astudillo (71′, N. Castillo), D. González, G. Kagelmacher, A. Parot (46′, C. Cuevas); C. Pinares, L. Menossi (46′, J. Torres), A. Farías, A. Aravena (64′, C. Montes); G. Tapia (82′, J. Ortiz) and F. Zampedri. DT: T. Nunes.

Colo Colo: F. DePaul; B. Gutiérrez, A. Saldivia, M. Falcón (39′, E. Amor), E. Wiemberg; L. Gil (76′, G. Castellani), E. Pavez, V. Pizarro; A. Vidal (52′, C. Palacios); M. Bolados (52′, C. Zavala) and G. Paiva (76′, D. Pizarro). DT: P. Manusovich.

Goals: 0-1, 23′, Vidal, header after a cross from Bolados.

Referee: H. Jona. He admonished Parot, Aravena, Farías, Torres and coach Nunes (UC); Bolados, Saldivia, Wiemberg and Carabalí on the bench (CC).

Santa Laura Stadium. Approximately 15 thousand people attended.

In italics, youth players.

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