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A taxi driver looks after the properties of YouTubers resident in Andorra

Andorra la VellaSome of the YouTubers who reside in the Principality have a particular ‘guardian angel’, the one known as the ‘YouTube taxi driver’. “I used to be a taxi driver here in Andorra. Now I help them in everything, I try to solve the problems they have…”, this driver begins explaining in a laSexta report collected by the Laitalianaplex TikTok account.

Moments later, this man shows a small bag that he carries inside his vehicle. Inside he keeps “the keys to all my children, to their houses, to their cars…”. When you say ‘children’ do you mean…?, asks the journalist. “I mean these young people, YouTubers, who are 20, 25-year-old kids.” Immediately, the contents of the bag surprise the reporter, who asks for some brands. Is this a Ferrari? “Yes, it’s a Ferrari, one of the kids; also a Mercedes, with the key to the home remote control…”, he continues, piling up all the properties in his custody.

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