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A sweet treat on the balcony: Overhanging strawberries are both decorative and taste great

Do you love strawberries? There is nothing better than tearing red, fragrant and juicy fruits straight into your mouth. The great thing is that if you don’t have a garden, you can easily grow them at home. Together with tomatoes, they are among the most commonly grown edible crops on our balconies. In addition to being useful, hanging planters and boxes with overhanging strawberries are also very decorative. Read how to plant overhanging strawberries, what kind of substrate they need and what to do to get the most fruit. April is the right time to plant strawberries.

You can easily grow sweet, red, fragrant and juicy strawberries at home on your balcony.

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How to plant and grow strawberries:

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Overhanging strawberries in hanging pots and boxes will look great on balconies, but also on window sills or pergolas. “Continuously fruiting and overhanging varieties are planted in these containers, which bring a year-round harvest of strawberries. They require partial shade or sun for part of the day to avoid overheating the root system. And also more regular fertilizing during the growing season,” recommend gardeners from Zahradnictví Dvořák a son.

The future harvest directly depends on how you care for strawberries.  You can use coffee grounds for fertilizing.

Strawberries need nourishment: they love homemade fertilizer. Costs CZK 0

Hanging planters and baskets have the advantage of being portable. So if you have chosen a place that will not suit the strawberries and there will be little light for them, simply take them elsewhere. Remember that strawberries need 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. And they have one more advantage over strawberries in the garden. You won’t have to share them with snails.

Planting a strawberry tree

For growing strawberries on the balcony, it is important to choose soil rich in nutrients. Ideally, use a garden substrate mixed with compost. Choose a flower pot or box to plant overhanging strawberries.

“Remember that containers must have drainage holes. This is very important because strawberries do not tolerate waterlogged soil and there would be a risk of root rot,” the website warns Gardening with Sharon.

You can fit four strawberry seedlings in the box.You can fit four strawberry seedlings in the box.Source: Shutterstock

If you plant strawberries in a box, keep the distance between individual plants so that they have enough space to grow. You can fit four in an 80 cm long box. Strawberries have a shallow root system, so they need a pot 20 cm deep with a top diameter of 30 cm, which can hold three strawberry seedlings.

Strawberries contain many valuable substances that benefit our health and beauty.

QUIZ: Why are strawberries red and who first sang the hit Frozen Strawberries?

“For spring planting, it is best to use rooted strawberry seedlings pre-grown in planters or pots. We plant in a hole 10 to 15 cm deep so that the heart is above ground level. They must not be so-called drowned. We compact the soil around the seedling so that the root system is firmly connected to the surrounding soil,” advises Horticulture Dvořák and son.

Top dressing and fertilizing

Fresh seedlings need to be watered more often. It is best to water strawberries in the morning with rainwater on the soil in boxes and flower pots, not directly on the leaves.

“When watering already growing strawberries in hanging containers, try not to get the fruits wet, so that they do not rot, but do not allow the plants to dry out. It is also necessary to continuously fertilize the strawberries so that they bear fruit better. Due to the relatively small amount of nutrients in the flower pot, the hanging strawberry garden needs to be fertilized at least once a month until flowering. Then fertilize every ten days with a controlled release liquid fertilizer that is high in potassium and low in nitrogen,” the website states Amy Grantwho has been gardening for 30 years and specializes in culinary gardening.

Growing strawberries in plastic baskets:

Source: Youtube

How to choose a suitable strawberry variety

Each variety of strawberry has its typical taste. About five dozen varieties are grown in our country, but there are hundreds of varieties in the world from which you can choose to please your taste buds. Ever-fruiting strawberry varieties that bear fruit from June to autumn are suitable for balcony cultivation.

According to experts, the best strawberries grow in raised garden beds.

Do you want to have a great harvest of strawberries? Try growing them in special beds

For your balcony, you can try, for example, the overhanging, large-fruited Mara de Bois variety that ripens year-round. This French variety is strongly branching and bears fruit on the branches in the year they are formed. The fruits are medium-sized and the taste is excellent, medium-sweet and delicate. Or Maranell, an overhanging evergreen variety with long tendrils. But you can also grow non-overhanging varieties on the balcony.

Propagation of overhanging strawberry

Even an overhanging strawberry can easily be propagated yourself. This way you will have new plants that will bear fruit the following year, for free.

“You can easily make ten daughter plants from one seedling. The method of propagation is called castration. It is done by attaching a small plant to the stem using a strong wire to the ground in a new flowerpot, preferably with ordinary gardening substrate. No fertilizer is needed to begin with. After attachment, the tendrils of the daughter plants are cut behind the third “knee”. Count on the fruits on these new plants the following year,” describes the procedure Strawberry farm Brozany.

Strawberry fruits contain:

  • 40 to 90 mg% of vitamin C (1 mg% means 1 milligram in 100 g of fresh pulp)
  • vitamin B
  • smaller amounts of provitamin A
  • minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron)
  • salicylic acid, citric acid and oxalic acid

Source: iRecipe

During the winter, let the plants hibernate in a cool and bright room or, if you have the opportunity, put them in a hearth with a box. Before winter, cut off all their stems. Strawberries also need moderate watering in winter, but only when it does not freeze. In the spring, replace their substrate with fertilizer and you can look forward to another harvest.

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