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A record year for highways. 118 new kilometers will be opened in the Czech Republic this year

Missing highway they complicate the life of drivers. Even after decades, for example, there is no direct highway connection between Prague and the south of Bohemia. Neither the D3 nor the D4 motorways are complete. The journey is thus not only more time-consuming, but also more dangerous. Main routes often cross villages. “I take goods to Milevsko several times a month. Nature is beautiful there, but the road. Depending on traffic, it takes me about two hours from loading in Prague. The very waiting, the limitation. If only the highway would be finished all the way to Písek,” lamented truck driver Tomáš Kratochvíl.

The D4 highway is not the only unfinished highway. In the Czech Republic, more than six hundred kilometers of highway sections need to be completed. For example, the D35 highway between Hradec Králové and Lipník nad Bečvou is still not finished. At the same time, it is an important connection between Bohemia and Moravia, which should relieve the congested D1 highway Prague – Brno. “The transport infrastructure was supposed to be ready in 2010. We are trying to build it as quickly as possible. If we don’t succeed, it will be harder for us to compete with other countries and it will have an impact on the state budget,” he said Minister of Transport Martin Kupka (ODS).

This year, the ŘSD manages a record budget:

In 2024, more than a hundred kilometers of new highway sections will open.  See the map in the article for exactly where.

Record-breaking year 2024: See where new highway sections will open this year

The pace of opening new highway sections will accelerate significantly this year. While last year the highway network was extended by approximately sixteen kilometers, this year it will be a record 118 kilometers. “This is a rate of opening that is completely unprecedented in the Czech Republic,” commented Jan Rýdl, spokesman for the Directorate of Roads and Highways (ŘSD).

The total includes the 32-kilometer long section of the D4 highway between Příbram and Písek. It is built using the PPP project model (Partnership of the public and private sector, a long-term contractual relationship between a public contracting authority and a private partner, usually lasting 15 to 30 years, to secure a public contract). Thus, the state is not an investor through the ŘSD. “However, it is true that the highway was completely prepared by the Directorate of Roads and Highways. The investor just builds in quotation marks. We consider it our building,” explained Rýdl earlier.

In addition to the “Písek” highway D4, the D49 highway in the Zlín Region will be expanded this year, in the section Hulín – Fryšták. In the same region, the D55 highway will also be extended by approximately 21 kilometers, with a new section from Bzenec to Babice.

Hell near Brno

Traffic complications near Brno they continue on. Last year, road workers here began widening the D1 highway to six lanes, namely the busiest section Brno center – Brno south. According to data from the latest traffic census, 70,000 vehicles pass this way every day. “Even though we have kept two lanes in each direction for the D1 works, there are huge problems. The highway capacity is not enough. It’s a pretty strong argument that the expansion of the highway is absolutely necessary,” Rýdl reminded.

Drivers will only be able to drive faster on selected sections:

For example, a speed of 150 kilometers per hour will apply on the D11 highway in the section between Hradec Králové and Jaroměří.  Where else can drivers add?  See the map in the article.

The speed limit of 150 on highways will only apply somewhere in the Czech Republic. See where exactly

Traffic hell is expected here especially during the summer tourist season, when hundreds of thousands of Czechs go on vacation to Croatia. Avoiding the trouble spot is almost impossible. There is no other alternative for freight transport, car drivers could theoretically use roads II. classes. “Even here, given the situation, columns will form. Brno is an important crossroads of South Moravia. We have to endure it as drivers,” explained Igor Sirota, spokesman for the Central Automotoklub.

Involvement of private capital

The pace of opening new sections should continue in the coming years. According to data from the ŘSD, almost two hundred kilometers of new highway sections are currently under construction. The construction of almost 120 kilometers of new highways could begin this year. Not everything will be financed by the state.

“In the next ten years, we will need to invest in the development of transport infrastructure, repairs and maintenance of 2.8 trillion crowns in 2022 prices. We are therefore also counting on securing these funds with greater involvement of private capital, with so-called PPP projects“, said the head of the Department of Transport. Specifically, private individuals should finance the two longest sections of the D35 highway (Opatovec – Staré Město and Staré Město – Mohelnice).

The state is going to cooperate much more with private investors in the coming years:

Via Salis project on the D4 motorway.

How to finally build the missing highways? Private investors have state aid

Experts welcome the involvement of private capital. “Tenders who go to tender do not think about how to build the building as cheaply as possible and where to save. On the contrary, they think and figure out how to build it as best as possible. In terms of transport infrastructure, everything is tied to the passability of individual road sections. When the middle lane is closed during peak hours, the penalties for concessionaires are much greater than when said lane is closed from Saturday to Sunday. This automatically regulates the supplier’s interest in directing interventions to the time when the infrastructure is least busy and so that everything is resolved as quickly as possible,” ČSOB project financing director Jan Troják said earlier.

Planned opening of highway sections in 2024

Motorway – region – section

D3 Jihočeský – Třebonín – Kaplice nádraží
length of section: 8.6 km
start of construction: 2022
price: 1.9 billion crowns without VAT

D3 Jihočeský – Úsilné – Hodějovice
length: 7.2 km
start of construction: 2019
price: 5.3 billion crowns without VAT

D3 Jihočeský – Hodějovice – Třebonín
length: 12.6 km
start of construction: 2019
price: 5.8 billion crowns without VAT

D4 Jihočeský – Lety – Čimelice
length: 2.6 km
start of construction: 2021
price: construction in the form of a PPP project

D4 Jihočeský – Čimelice – Mirotice
length: 8.5 km
start of construction: 2021
price: construction in the form of a PPP project

D4 Jihočeský – Mirotice, extension
length: 3.7 km
start of construction: 2021
price: construction in the form of a PPP project

D4 Středočeský – Háje – Milín
Length: 5.5 km
start of construction: 2021
price: construction in the form of a PPP project

D4 South Bohemia, Central Bohemia – Milín – Flights
length: 11.6 km
start of construction: 2021

*The Czech Republic will pay approximately 19 billion crowns for the completion of the missing sections of D4, in installments. The first will be sent by the state only after the highway is put into operation, the last in 2048. A private investor will take care of the road the whole time. In the event of a reduction in quality, the state will fine the concessionaire with deductions from the monthly installments.

D6 Středočeský – Krupá, transfer
length: 6.5 km
start of construction: 2022
price: 1.6 billion without VAT

D7 Central Bohemian MÚK Kněževes
start of construction: 2023
price: 115.7 million crowns without VAT

D7 Chlumčany
length: 4.4 km
start of construction: 2022
price: 1.2 billion crowns without VAT

D48 Moravskoslezský – MÚK Bělotín – Rybí, stage I (Palačov – Šenov u NJ)
Length: 8.2 km
start of construction: 2021
price: 3.1 billion crowns

D49 Zlínský – Hulín – Fryšták
length: 17.3 km
start of construction: 2021
price: 6 billion crowns without VAT

D55 Jihomoravský, Moravský – Písek – Bzenec
length: 4.1 km
start of construction: 2022
price: 1.2 billion without VAT

D55 Zlínský – Staré Město – Moravský Písek
length: 8.8 km
start of construction: 2021
price: 2 billion crowns without VAT

D55 Zlínský – Babice – Old Town
length: 8.5 km
start of construction: 2020
price: 2.9 billion crowns without VAT

Source: RSD

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