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A miracle hedge: it grows almost 2 meters in a year, has no thorns and is not poisonous

If you are looking for a hedge that will grow miraculously fast, then the Siberian elm will be the best choice. It grows by up to 1.8 meters per year, so it has no competition in this respect. A dense fence provides enough privacy, protects against dust and wind and, unlike thuja or bayberry, is not poisonous. But rapid growth also requires more frequent cutting of the hedge. Read how to grow Siberian elm, how often to cut it and what other benefits it has.

A hedge in a sunny spring garden is formed by a wall of many green leaves of the Siberian elm.

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The Magic Hedge:

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Two years will be enough for you to have a thick hedge of Siberian elm around the garden almost three meters high. However, keep in mind that when it reaches the height you want, you will have to trim it at least 4 to 5 times a year so that it does not grow too much. It is therefore worthwhile to purchase quality scissors or hedge trimmers. Thanks to its density and resistance, elm will protect you from unpleasant outdoor influences.

Buckthorn is becoming more and more popular as a hedge

Hedge? A shrub with nice leaves is becoming increasingly popular. Does not shed and grows quickly

“Siberian elm (Ulmus pumila), also known as Turkestan elm, comes from eastern Siberia and is characterized by extremely fast growth. So if you want a really tall hedge, the Siberian elm is the perfect option for you. Its final height can reach 5 meters. Elm is not demanding on land and branches abundantly,” he states iRecipe.

Planting Siberian elm

“Siberian elm is easy to grow. The most important thing is to choose the right place when planting, and then all that is needed is watering depending on the weather conditions, annual spring fertilizing and regular pruning if you want to create a nice hedge from the Siberian elm,” says the website Tree House.

It is ideal for planting elm seedlings in the Siberian autumn, the beginning of November at the latest. Prune purchased seedlings ruthlessly to a height of 15 to 30 centimeters so that they branch out and the branches grow right from the ground.

Lucie Pičkárová's hedge.  He recommends it for those who need a fast-growing hedge.Lucie Pičkárová’s hedge. He recommends it for those who need a fast-growing hedge.Source: Courtesy of Lucie Pičkárová

By winter, the seedlings will take root well, and in spring they will immediately grow in height and width, so that in two years no one will be able to see over your hedge.

If you want your hedge to be really dense, plant it not in one but in two rows, 30 cm apart. Also plant individual elm seedlings 20, maximum 30 cm apart.

A hornbeam hedge has lush green leaves in spring.

Choosing a hedge? The tree, resistant to frost and heat, is undemanding and grows quickly

Also remember that you have to plant the seedlings far enough away from the fence. At least half a meter, but considering the neighbors, a little more is better. The hedge itself will create a shadow after a short time, which could bother their plants.

What does the elm bear witness to

The ideal place for planting an elm is a sunny place. “It is recommended to plant in places that go from full sun to partial shade. Siberian elm can be grown in any type of soil with good drainage. Maintain a soil pH of 5.5 to 8.0. Elm tolerates alkaline conditions well,” advises the website Jardineria On.

Advantages of an elm hedge:

  • growing rapidlywithin two years you have a full-grown hedge
  • is unpretentious on cultivation and soil quality
  • protects against noise and retains dust
  • can be shape well
  • it does not bloom, so the pollen from the flowers does not irritate allergy sufferers
  • it is not poisonous and has no thorns
  • growth rate is possible affect by dressing
  • elm is a deciduous shrub, but its leaves are so small that they can be blown by the wind in autumn, so it is no need to laboriously rake

Shaping the Miracle Fence:

Source: Youtube

The disadvantage of an elm hedge, apart from frequent trimming, is that its leaves fall in autumn. You should also not grow vegetables or flowers near it, which need plenty of sun and nutrients. An elm fence, which will otherwise make you happy for five decades, would deprive them of both.

Interested in an elm hedge? And are you always trying new and new things in your garden? Read other articles on the “gardening” topic in the menu below.

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