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A bulletin and a new local for the municipal opposition in Gisors

The opposition group Gisors en commun has launched its own newsletter.
The opposition group Gisors en commun has launched its own newsletter. ©The Impartial

A front, a back… And a direct link with the inhabitants.

It is in this spirit that the opposition group to the municipal council, Gisors in common designed the brand new Gisors newsletter.

Directly distributed to the mailboxes of the inhabitants of Gisorsthis quarterly intends to reconnect with a type of publication that has been “damaged” as soon as the team ofAlexandre Rassaert in business, according to Anthony Auger.

Without excess

The leader of the opposition indeed regrets the disappearance of the municipal bulletin, “poorly replaced” according to the elected official by social networks.

If the publication is obviously political, Anthony Auger and its team of editors announce that they do not want to “do excessive things” for all that.

He explains :

“The objective is to directly inform the Gisorsiens on subjects that we consider a little too passed over in silence”.

6,000 copies

So far, no less than 6,000 copies have been printed and distributed free of charge by a dozen volunteers and supporters.

Videos: currently on Actu

The overall estimated cost for such an impression is €350. Also, in order to guarantee the sustainability of the Gisors newsletter, Anthony Auger appeals to the donations and generosity of the inhabitants.

Layout, heading and feature articles…

The first issue, which questions in particular the relevance of the future cinema and media library project, will feature several recurring sections every three months: “in the field”, “echoes of the council”, “it’s said”. Not to mention an editorial signed byAnthony Auger.

A bright red room

“We want to meet the inhabitants”, insists Anthony Auger and his team who at the same time obtained from the municipality a room completely repainted in red by the services of the municipality.

“Probably a wink from the majority”, ironically the elected members of the Gisors group in common. The fact remains that this room being located in the premises of the Gisors library, its use remains confined to the opening hours of the service.

“We’ll be satisfied with it,” says Anthony Auger, who would have preferred a more extensive use, especially since the premises are also used to receive residents.

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