Zlín police officers received the report about the occurrence of a bear on Saturday 11 May 2024 shortly before half past twelve. It was spotted in the forest between the local part of Kudlov, the settlement of Pindula and the village of Želechovice nad Dřevnicí.

“The incident was reported by a man who was out jogging and saw the bear near the yellow hiking trail on Březovská Street. According to him, it was an adult individual without cubs and signs of obvious injury, which then ran off in an eastern direction,” she said city ​​police on their website.

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The notice alerts the public to the risk an unexpected encounter with this massive beast.

“Therefore, be extra careful when moving through forest stands, avoid confusing and densely overgrown places, and if you have a dog with you, always keep it on a leash. Of course, one should also have a charged mobile phone so that one can call for help in case of need,” urges the city police.