The eighth gala evening in a row Clash of the Stars will take place on June 22 in the Ostravar Arena. And fans of the bizarre organization can look forward to a real show in the presentation Kociana. The former famous singer started it already at a press conference in the Prague club Duplex, which he apparently attended under the influence of drugs.

Clash Of the Stars 8 press conference in Ostrava:

Source: Youtube

“Let the drug be your medicine… Marťas really lined it up… The sad story of one boy from the band…,” the fans were clear when on Instagram they responded to Kocián, who cut a singing performance on stage and even performed a brake dance. His opponent, the influencer Pavel Měsíček, nicknamed Pomalu Snejksi, did not arrive at the staredown…

He was looking for construction work

Kocián became famous thanks to the group Lunetic, but he couldn’t take the wealth and fame and fell into drugs. And as he himself revealed, he is still not clean. It is the preparation for the match in the cage that should rid him of his addiction. “I’m my own biggest rival because I’m pretending to be something I’m not and I’m trying to quit drugs. Thanks to that match and thanks to that sport, I’m correcting myself a little, because I haven’t solved it yet,” he confided in an interview for

He got into Clash by accident, he was originally looking for a job. “It came about because I was first looking for a job in construction, then as an electrician, and then I met guys on the subway who told me if I wanted to go to a cage,” he revealed.

Makhmud Muradov will no longer appear in the prestigious UFC organization.  He got fired.

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“I’m going there to fight mainly myself and my demons, rather than an opponent. The offer is that I can earn money and I can still be clean for at least 45 days,” he explained to the website Express.

In the main match of COTS 8, champions Filip Grznár and Tomáš Križan will battle it out. An MMA wrestler will also be introduced again Václav Mikulašekwho faced the phenomenal in the Octagon to Karlos Vémol.