5,000 murals in the UK are recorded and digitized


They will be added to a free database, which will also include Banksy's works.

Around 5,000 murals across the UK will be recorded, photographed and added to a free public database as part of a three-year initiative by arts education organisation, Art UK.

The murals documented by volunteer researchers and photographers will include a large number of paintings, as well as sculptural murals made of concrete, brick, wood, stone, tile and other materials.

Some of notorious street artist Banksy's works often attract press attention when they are damaged, defaced and/or removed and will also be included in the project, according to The Art Newspaper.

In its statement, Art UK noted how “buildings and housing estates are being demolished to make way for new investment, meaning many murals have been lost. We will record the murals as they appear now, to provide a record if they are removed, defaced or suffer environmental damage.”

Also many murals in Northern Ireland are expected to be digitized by Art UK, but their documentation will require “special sensitivity” due to decades of “violent unrest between Catholic and Protestant communities”.

This three-year initiative will also include artist workshops, audio descriptions for the blind and visually impaired, and learning resources for teachers.

Art UK's project partners are CultureStreet, an educational film-making organization, and VocalEyes, a UK non-profit arts organization focused on identifying and removing barriers to access and inclusion for blind and partially sighted people.

Funding for the project, which will run until December 2026, comes from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the Pilgrim Trust and Historic England.


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