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50 thousand per person and day: Princess Diana also enjoyed the most expensive city in the world

Gustavia on the Island of St. Bartholomew is a city that the vast majority of Czechs will never visit, let alone spend a vacation there. Reason? It is expensive there even for the rich. Depending on how much a pleasant vacation day costs one person there, it is probably the most expensive place in the world to spend a vacation.

The city of Gustavia and its surroundings can be considered a paradise on earth.

| Photo: Wikimedia Commons, SV Zanshin, CC BY-SA 3.0

Saint-Barthélemy is the French name for the island of Saint Bartholomew, where the cream of the world gathers. People who definitely don’t have deep pockets are willing to spend a fortune there for a few days of rest.

Where is Gustavia located

Gustavia is the capital of the island of St. Bartholomew in the Caribbean Sea, which belongs to the Lesser Antilles archipelago. Since 2007, France has been an overseas community. Until then, it was part of the French overseas department of Guadeloupe. In the past, it was even the most remote territory of the European Union.

What it looks like on the island of St. Bartholomew:

Source: Youtube

It is about 8,000 kilometers from Prague, and about 4,000 from New York. Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1493, during his second overseas expedition. The island is named after his brother Bartholomew.

From the history of the city of Gustavia

The city got its name after the Swedish king Gustav III. The town was originally called Le Carénage. The site provided a Caribbean haven for damaged ships.

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Sweden bought the island from France in 1785 and the town was therefore renamed. 100 years later it was sold back to France, but the name remained.

Spending 50k per day? Nothing extraordinary

A specialized website also dealt with the place in its text Business Insider. “The average cost per day for one traveler is US$1,852,” the website said. In conversion, it is an amount of around 50 thousand crowns. The survey included the costs of accommodation, meals and usual local leisure activities. All this without including the cost of plane tickets.

Small stone houses with red roofs and narrow streets give the atmosphere of a typical Mediterranean town.

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And what is behind such a high average number? “The island caters to a luxury clientele that can afford things like $20,000 a night in luxury villas,” the news site described, for example Huffpost.

The high prices are also explained by the fact that practically everything has to be imported to the island. Very little is produced and grown here.

Opulence and the most beautiful yachts in the world

The flamboyance is evident right at the wharf. “The most beautiful yachts in the world are moored here,” he described, for example local St-Barths website.

World-famous personalities and celebrities have been appearing among the visitors for a long time. As reported by the St-Barths website, both beaches and streets hosted for example:

  • The family of the American mega-celebrity Kim Kardashian
  • Billionaire Roman Abramovich
  • Princess Diana
  • Billionaire David Rockerfeller
  • The world-famous actress Greta Garbo

Holidays in Gustavia:

Order and order in Gustavia

They are very aware of the interest of the rich clientele here, and that is why the locals take proper care of the island and give it order and order. “The city is organized and orderly, and all the buildings seem to have the same red roofs,” described a tourist website, for example SVGuindinginLight.

And of course, sellers of expensive perfumes, cigars, watches and clothes also use the rich clientele here. There are also top restaurants, bars and other services.

For other interesting places, see a little below, where you will find links to articles with a travel theme.

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