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40 years of Jacques-Brel college in Elbeuf, open doors to the past and the future

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Current teachers… And former teachers gathered for the establishment's 40th anniversary.
Current teachers… And former teachers gathered for the establishment’s 40th anniversary. (©Le Journal d’Elbeuf)

In addition to the usual presentation of student work and educational actions during the year, an entire room in the establishment was dedicated to the memory of the college: press articles, class photos and photos of teaching teams where it was fun for former teachers and students to search for each other, find the names of their classmates and share memories.

What has changed… or not

The entire college being accessible, it was also possible to take a tour, see what was still there and what had changed: “The fresco in the hall has disappeared, it’s a shame because it symbolized the cultural diversity of the college. Also, in my time, we were not allowed to use the iron staircase in the middle of the hall, I always wondered why”, testifies, for example, a former student of the 90 generation.

In front of a large assembly, a mix of families, students and teachers from all decades, different protagonists took the floor to tell their vision of the college. Mr. Cayeux, an English teacher currently in practice, endowed with a sympathetic pen speaks with humor and poetry of a place where it is good to teach and learn and from where no one leaves indifferent.

“A place focused on student success”

Frédéric Marche, the mayor of Cléon, speaks of the college as a gateway to communication with the city to make the child responsible, and mentions the few renovations that will take place this summer on the door frames of the establishment. For Frédérique Quevilly, the main thing is a place focused on the success of the students, which allows them to be taken as far as possible while respecting their choices and individualities. But if “the anniversary is a time for remembrance, it is also a dynamic moment looking to the future. Celebrating the forty years of the college is allowing them to develop a sense of belonging and to project into the future, ”she believes. Moreover, some classes have worked on the college of the future, how they imagined it (and imagined themselves) in forty years: mandatory siesta, video game lessons, holograms to replace absent teachers… There is no shortage of ideas.

See you in 40 years to see if they will come true! In the meantime, a commemorative plaque will be affixed in the coming weeks and Marie-Thérèse Breton, former secretary, has announced the forthcoming creation of a website for teachers and students of Jacques Brel.

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