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26 companies sanctioned for clandestine immigration situations in 2022

Andorra la VellaThe Police Force has sanctioned up to 26 companies throughout 2022 after having found that there were workers in the workforce in a situation of clandestine immigration. This is the second highest figure in the last ten years, surpassed only in 2014, when the authorities sanctioned 29 companies. It also represents an important upturn compared to the years of the pandemic, considering that during 2021 six companies were sanctioned and in 2020 another thirteen, and significantly higher than that recorded in 2019, when clandestine workers were detected in sixteen companies .

Going into the details of the 2022 data provided by the police, the officers carried out a total of 90 controls, among which they controlled up to 727 people. Of these, it was found that 689 were in a legal situation in the country, while 38 had irregularities, which led to the opening of 27 files. In addition, the global amount of the sanctioned companies adds up to a value of 78,200 euros. In this case, you have to go back to 2014 to find a higher amount, which, on that occasion, was 128,100 euros.

Clandestine immigration is a situation that occurs when a worker arrives in Andorra to carry out a professional activity without being properly accredited to do so, or when he continues to carry out the activity once the corresponding permit has expired. When this situation is detected, the authorities issue an administrative sanction to the company’s managers and ‘invite’ the employee to leave the country.

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