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towards difficult agreements with the opposition? Forced into alliances to govern?

towards difficult agreements with the opposition?  Forced into alliances to govern?

MACRON. Emmanuel Macron posed two options for governing: a coalition of governments or agreements on a case-by-case basis. But convincing the opposition will not be easy, several forces having refused to ally with the head of state.

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[Mis à jour le 24 juin 2022 à 9h31] A coalition of government or agreements on a case-by-case basis according to the texts. Here are the two solutions put on the table by Emmanuel Macron during his speech on June 22 to aim for “political overcoming”. Will one of these proposals be able to convince certain opposition forces to join or at least join the policy of the presidential majority? Nothing is less certain because since the allocation of the Head of State, the left and the right have hammered home their differences with the policy of Emmanuel Macron. The options presented, Emmanuel Macron, aware of the difficulty of the task ahead, gives the political leaders time to reflect but promises to resume negotiations as soon as he returns to France, in the middle of next week at the earliest. The President of the Republic could also organize a new series of meetings with political representatives according to the government spokesperson, Oliva Grégoire, guest of France info June 23.

While Emmanuel Macron had to face the refusal of alliance of almost all the groups of theNational Assembly, with the exception of its allies of the MoDem of François Bayrou and the party of Edouard Philippe, Horizons, this Thursday the door of the agreements opens in particular on the right. Jean Rottner, LR president of the Grand-Est calls this morning in the columns of Parisian his family “responsibility” by agreeing to work with Emmanuel Macron. Of course, efforts are also expected from the Head of State and in particular a “change of method”. It remains to be seen whether this call will influence the position of the Republican leadership. On the left and on the far right, the first two opposition forces at the Palais Bourbon, all the work remains to be done to find alliances or even one-off agreements.

The Republicans, a constructive opposition to Macron?

The boss of the Republicans, Christian Jacob, opened the ball for consultations at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 21. And as since the start of the legislative campaign, the tenor of the right has asserted his place in the opposition, wanting to prove wrong all those who compared LR to an easier vote reserve for the presidential majority in the Assembly. “There is no question of a pact with the government, nor of a coalition”, assured Christian Jacob at the exit of the Elysée Palace on June 21, specifying all the same to Emmanuel Macron that the right would not be “ in the systematic blocking of the policies of the presidential camp. Aurélien Pradié, LR’s number two, was harder on Emmanuel Macron after his speech. On Public Senatehe refused a coalition with the government “because we do not have the same political convictions. There is a need for the Republican right to resist the times which would like to push us into the arms of extremes or reasonable people”.

The Republicans will perhaps be more favorable for agreements on a case-by-case basis according to the texts, although this remains to be proven. However, with regard to individual canvassing of elected representatives from the right, Christian Jacob warned: “New poaching [seraient] experienced by LR as an additional provocation and that this would generate tension in the group in the National Assembly”.

Possible agreements between Emmanuel Macron and the RN of Marine Le Pen?

Emmanuel Macron saw, unsurprisingly, his proposal for a “government of national unity” rejected by Marine Le Pen. Will the National Rally be more open to the new options mentioned by the Head of State? Recent statements by party chairman Jordan Bardella suggest the answer is no. “He asks the opposition to come to him when he has been beaten at the ballot box, it is up to him to say which path he is ready to take, on which axes of his project, he is ready to back down. He has was elected, but his program was defeated last Sunday,” he said on France Inter June 23. The RN intends to take advantage of its historic group in the National Assembly and play its role in the opposition. Agreements do not therefore seem possible between the presidential majority and the far right, but Marine Le Pen has guaranteed the head of state that his group will not be “in the systematic obstruction” of politics. “If measures go in the right direction, we will vote for them […]if they go the wrong way, we will amend them, and if they are not amended as we wish, we will oppose them”, she slipped to theAFP June 21 recalling in passing its firm opposition to the pension reform.

The broken dialogue between Emmanuel Macron and LFI?

It is impossible to unite the presidential majority and rebellious France, which have “two different political projects”, declared LFI MP Manuel Bompard this morning on France info. The elected representative of Bouches-du-Rhône refuses to give up the project of the Nudes and believes that concluding an agreement, whatever it is, with Emmanuel Macron would send a message of inconsistency and would betray the choice made by voters during the legislative elections. Words that confirm those of Adrien Quatennens two days earlier: “We are not candidates for any scheme or any participation in a government with the President of the Republic”. A sign that cooperation between Emmanuel Macron and LFI is not possible, Manuel Bompard has confirmed the filing of a motion of censure against the government if Elisabeth Borne refuses to submit to a vote of confidence before Parliament.

Emmanuel Macron urges the PS to make efforts?

“Jupiter, it’s over” assured Olivier to Emmanuel Macron during their interview on May 21. The first secretary of the Socialist Party explained that the left is “willing to move forward” with the government, but on one condition: that politics be imbued with the measures of the socialist program such as the increase in the minimum wage to €1,500, to name a few. she. The deputy of the PS and Nupes in the National Assembly, Valérie Rabault estimated on France Inter on June 23 that it was up to Emmanuel Macron to take steps towards the opposition and not the other way around: “He is up against the wall. He is the one who is responsible for the destiny of France. He knows perfectly our engagements. […] We want the minimum wage at 1500 euros net. Yes or no, does he want to add it to his project? If he stays on his project, he does not have an absolute majority and it is he who will block France, it is not us”. This June 24, the elected official puts a layer on France 2 in responding to the observation of the Head of State on the choice made by the voters in re-electing her as head of the country: “He said ‘I was elected on April 24 on a program’, I voted for him on April 24, it was not for the program”.

The PCF refuses agreements with Emmanuel Macron?

On the left, the communist deputies are more discreet than the rebellious and the socialists, they however hold the same positions and refuse to ally themselves or to conclude agreements with Emmanuel Macron. The leader of the PCF, Fabien Roussel, assured on June 21 after his meeting with the Head of State that he would not take part in any government coalition. The reason ? “There is such a climate of distrust in [l’]against [d’Emmanuel Macron] that is not possible. It would not be understood” by the voters, he said on the set of LCI. The Nupes is therefore united and will be fully in opposition to the presidential majority.

What position for EELV against Emmanuel Macron?

Europe-Ecologie-Les Verts is also very discreet in the negotiations. Julien Bayou, national secretary of the party and deputy for Paris, went to the Elysee Palace on June 22 to discuss with Emmanuel Macron but unlike other political representatives, he did not give details of his exchange with Emmanuel Macron. The most probable hypothesis remains that the environmentalist pole aligns itself with the positions of the other member parties of Nupes, especially since environmentalists have repeatedly criticized the climate inaction of the President of the Republic during his first term.

Will Emmanuel Macron appoint a new Prime Minister?

Emmanuel Macron imposed himself in negotiations with political representatives when it was up to the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, to find compromises and move towards agreements with the opposition forces of the National Assembly. The sidelining of the Matignon tenant has not gone unnoticed and further weakens the support of the head of government. The opposition has been calling for the appointment of a new Prime Minister since the day after the legislative elections and demands that Elisabeth Borne submit to the vote of confidence after her general policy speech before Parliament, failing which LFI promises the filing of a motion of censure. Will Emmanuel Macron be forced to appoint a new Prime Minister? The doubt persists and the Head of State keeps his intentions secret. But according to Alain Minc, a close associate of the President, in Figaro“the situation will require […] a very political Prime Minister” while Elisabeth Borne has repeatedly been deemed too technocratic. Other sources close to the executive and from La République en Marche based on the departure of the Prime Minister and take as proof the refusal of the resignation of the Matignon tenant on May 21.

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